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We know parents will have some questions about Camp TSR.  For your convenience, we’ve listed some FAQ’s.  If you have any other questions, please click on the link below to send us an email.

What does my child need each day?

  • Towel
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Flip flops for the pool
  • Tennis racquet (we have loaners if needed)
  • Hat
  • Water bottle, snacks and a lunch if full day
  • A lot of ENTHUSIASM!

Do you offer a safe environment for campers?

You can rest assured that Camp TSR offers a safe environment for your child. Camp TSR is one of the few Dutchess County Department of Health Permitted Summer Camps in the area. This permit is issued only to summer camps in compliance with New York State health regulations. Camp TSR proudly meets the high standards and rigorous requirements for safety set forth by Dutchess County.

Is lunch/snack provided?

No – your child will need to bring their own lunch and snacks. For your convenience we have snacks, ice creams and drinks available at Court Central, our outdoor office.

Camp TSR has a no-cash policy for campers.  All payments for snack plans must be made by parents in advance and placed on each campers account.  

Is there a fridge at camp for campers?

Yes.  There is a fridge in the camp clubhouse.

Is tennis played indoors or outdoors?

All tennis activities will be played indoors or outdoors solely at the discretion of the Camp Director and TSR Management.  TSR reserves the right to decide upon, and change, which courts are used throughout the entirety of camp.

Is there a multiple child discount?

Yes.  There is a 5% sibling discount for each additional child.

If I pay for a week now but have to cancel down the road will I get my money back?

All registrations require a non-refundable $25 deposit and balances are due TWO WEEKS before the first day your child attends camp.  If, after payment is taken, a credit card refund is requested, there will be a 10% credit card refund fee applied.

Will my child be swimming at camp?

It is not mandatory, we have designated free swim times but if a parent does not want their child swimming that can be arranged. All campers must adhere to our swim test on Monday morning so the lifeguards can place them in the appropriate pool depth. If a camper does not attend camp on Monday for the swim test, they will only be allowed in the shallow end of the pool for the remainder of the week.  Camp TSR has a certified lifeguard on duty at all times, and the counselors will be in the pool area to give additional supervision.

What is your technology policy?

While we understand we live in a tech world, counselors and campers are not permitted to use electronic devices for personal use during the camp hours. We kindly ask that they are left at home or stored away for the day. 

Do I have to let camp know if I am going to be using the early drop-off or late pick-up?

If early drop-off or late pick-up are needed, the parents must let us know in advance (at least a week if preferred) so we can arrange staffing.  Please note there is a fee for early drop off or late pick up.  For more information see our rate page.

What if my child needs to arrive at camp later than normal?

Not a problem, we will have them join their group at whatever time they arrive. We just ask that we are notified so we know they are coming.  Please send an email to           

What happens on rainy days?

We have extensive indoor facilities including an air conditioned Camp Clubhouse, 5 tennis courts, 3 pickleball courts and a lounge area to accommodate the campers. Rain is not a problem! One of the benefits of our camp is that we are can play every day no matter the weather!

What happens if my child gets hurt at camp?

We will use the contact information provided to make sure we connect with the appropriate parent and let them know what is going on and if they need to picked up or taken to a doctor. We have first aid kits to take care of any minor injuries.  In case of an emergency, 911 will be called.

My child has a food allergy, how is this handled at camp?

Forms are filled out prior to camp starting that must indicate all allergies and medical conditions. If a child has a reaction, we will follow the directions given to us by the parent and take appropriate action.

What is the child/counselor ratio?

Our goal is to maintain an 8:1 ratio, with a maximum allowed of 10:1. In addition we have a large number of CIT’s who assist the counselors to increase the supervision.

What are the ages of our staff members?

  • Our Counselors are 16-21 years of age
  • Our Coaches in Training (CIT’s) are 15-16 years of age

 What qualifications does your staff have?

Many staff are certified in CPR/First Aid, all staff undergo Camp TSR Training, and many have worked at other local camps prior to joining the Camp TSR team.

Is there any way we can meet our child’s Camp Director and counselors before camp starts?

We are year round, full-time employees of the club and available to meet with parents and give them a guided tour at any time.  Please email to schedule an appointment.

If you have any other questions, please speak to one of our friendly front desk staff or

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