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Varsity Tennis Camp

Appropriate for juniors aged 12-17 or by Pro invitation.

We have developed this camp for players at Varsity level and also those entering high school in the fall. We have designed the program to facilitate improvement in all of our player’s games during the summer months. Play will consist of instruction in both singles and doubles play, challenging drills and games to reinforce proper technique, footwork, and positioning. We include athletic skill development and a fitness component which is supervised and implemented by TSR Tennis Professional Cole Heule, preparing players for the rigors of daily play at the high school level.

Simon Gale is a USTA High Performance Coach and has developed a game based (situational teaching) teaching method, which is designed to help students become “players” who can think independently and constantly improve, rather than great “hitters”. We achieve this through point play, tactical games and situational fed ball drills that enable them to handle the challenges of real matches.

Over teaching the technical aspects of the game can result in player frustration and an inability to adapt to game situations. It also leads to developing great hitters with fabulous strokes, who do not know how to compete and win. We are still very focused on technical refinement, but it is done as we are working on the tactics. The end result is that players are ready to “play the game” and make their school team.


Typical Day

12:45-1:00     Check In

1:00-1:30     Tennis specific dynamic warm up/conditioning/speed and agility training

1:30-2:20     Live ball hitting, situational drills and strategy

2:20-2:30     Break/Rest

2:30-3:50     Match Play – Doubles/Singles

3:50-4:00     Cool down and stretching