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Dale Goldmann

Playzone Games/Activities/Team Building Games

Dale was born and raised in LaGrangeville, NY, and will be a senior at Arlington High School after the summer. He is taking all AP classes for a challenging and useful year.

Although this is Dale’s first summer working at TSR, he has worked as a counselor before, and he is excited to be able to bring new elements to the Camp TSR and help to grow its profile.

For the past three years, Dale has been on the Varsity Tennis team and run varsity Cross Country. His favorite hobby is playing the piano, which he does to relax or to take a break from homework. He has been on the Varsity Tennis team for the past three years and runs varsity Cross Country.

Dale’s hero is his Father. “My dad is the reason I am successful in various activities and my academics. He teaches me life lessons and gives me motivation”. Finding Nemo is probably Dale’s favorite movie and he loves guacamole.