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Andrew Goldmann

Head Counselor

Andrew lives in Poughkeepsie and has just finished his first year studying bio-medical engineering at Binghamton University. He is also taking pre-med classes so that I can apply to medical schools later on.

When Andrew was five, he first started going to camp and continued until his counselor in training year when he was seventeen. Andrew didn’t realize how much fun he had in camp until the summer after he quit camp. “It was the most boring summer imaginable. I decided to return to camp as a counselor because camp is a lot of fun, even for the councilors,” said Andrew.

“Many people don’t realize how quickly TRS is evolving to accommodate for Camp TSR. Renovations are providing the camp with a new 30,000 square foot play zone, an air-conditioned clubhouse, and tent space for arts and crafts. There has also been an increase in staff which will help the camp take advantage of these new renovations.”

What Andrew enjoys most about working at TSR is the sense of community that exists between the staff and the members. Everyone, you interact with at work wants to see the club become ever more successful, and he feels like he can contribute to achieving that goal.

When Andrew has free time his list of things to do usually looks like this: if friends are around he will organize a team sport/get together, if not he will go biking if he is too tired or doesn’t have the time to bike then he will play my piano music, if he is not in the mood for music then he will start some project (build a treehouse, build a remote control vehicle, who knows). Andrew’s all-time favorites: Lord of The Rings (movie), Ender’s Game (book), Lasagna (food), Billy Joel (music).

Andrew’s view of a hero is a person who has attributes he can admire, and he said that this is because usually their attributes are better than his. He has a hero for almost everything, the most important being his father for work ethic, a few school friends for intelligence, sports figures for athleticism, and even a few movie characters for personality. However, Andrew is a competitive person, and he has trouble accepting the fact that someone is harder working/ smarter/ better at sports than he is, so he tends to compete with his heroes. It is his way of setting goals for himself.