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Amanda Rao

Arts and Crafts/ Board Games/ Play Zone

Amanda was born and raised in Hopewell Junction, NY. She is excited to play with all of the kids, while watching them improve on their tennis, and helping them have a great time. While there is a lot of tennis going on at camp, Amanda is excited to help the kids with making new friends and making sure everything they do is fun and exciting.

Amanda will fit right in at Camp TSR because she loves to make people happy. She will help the campers solve problems, and help them reach there goals. She loves to be around kids and being a person that they want to be like.

“What got me interested in coaching and working with kids was, I love to see them smile when they succeed at something they are good at.” Amanda said.

Amanda is finishing her first year at John Jay Senior High School, and plans on studying advanced art and business law. When she is not at TSR you can find her running, hanging out with her friends, or babysitting around her neighborhood. Her hero is her dad because he taught her to never give up on your dreams, no matter how hard the struggle is to get where you want to be. Her favorite food is mac and cheese, and loves to watch her favorite movie “Parent Trap”.